Solutions Manager • Jan 2019 — Present

  • Implemented a transformational data-driven vision and roadmap by creating an innovative software ecosystem that aligns our marketing strategy and technology, sparking rapid business growth and technology advancement.
  • Managed various products and cross-functional teams by optimizing costs by 43%, without effect on quality/deadlines on an unstructured department while actively working with stakeholders to align with company objectives and key results(OKRs)
  • Established a six-month business plan and architectural strategy roadmap for customer-facing products by implementing easily scalable architecture, consolidation of digital assets transformed into BI, which resulted in fast, effective, and efficient decision making.

Symphony Solutions

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • Feb 2016 — Jan 2019

  • Led small to medium-sized agile teams to develop dozens of projects in several technologies (PHP, JS, Java, Python) covering the whole SDLC, 95% on time and budget.
  • Software design, architectural plan, and hands-on coding foundation by implementing agile methodologies, architecture roadmap, and a fanatic on coding principles and standards.
  • Served as a line manager, mentor, motivator, speaker on multiple topics, receiving several awards and a 90% CSAT score, which led to a job offer from one of the biggest customers.

Metamorphosis Foundation

Technical Solutions Architect • May 2013 — January 2016

  • Architected 15+ custom-tailored products in mass media, social awareness, open data, anti-fake news with a team of 25 journalists. Worked closely with external stakeholders to understand their needs and translate them into working software that is easy to use.
  • Single-handedly implemented custom web applications from scratch in the data visualization domain by using PHP(WordPress), JavaScript, HTML/CSS . Worked on visual design, both front-end and back end development.
  • Superfast performance optimization(96 PSI Score), while focusing on web accessibility, web standards, and SEO optimization. Reversely engineered a big project with obsolete technologies by migrating to a new architecture, with 99% of data transformation success and 1% downtime.

Dauti Komerc A.D.

Technology Strategist • June 2009 — January 2013

  • Defined an innovative plan that elevated enterprise IT processes and reduced overhead costs by 30% by balancing in-house solutions and outsourcing, improving overall operations by 40%.
  • Implemented a supply chain digitalization system that resulted in flattened logistics, automated stock replenishment and improved transportation time by 60%.
  • Talent management, training of staff, blending of marketing, transporting and IT department to work as an integrated system of the new digital supply chain strategy.


Technology Solutions Consultant • January 2008 — September 2016

  • Developed technology solutions in the ed-tech, fin-tech, iGaming, procurement, and mass media industry.
  • Created big data products on open data, iGaming platforms, crowdfunding, and e-commerce strategies from the ground-up by bringing the latest technologies and digital marketing trends to life.
  • Provided organizational consulting, strategies, and expertise to customers and was actively involved in risk assessment, sales, infrastructure planning, support, and maintenance.


Product Leadership

Product Management with experience in Data Engineering and Centralized Internal API Platforms. Product Discovery, Market Research, Information Architecture, UX to Product Delivery. Strategic thinking and product alignment with long term company vision.

Software Engineering Management

Managing Team of Teams covering the whole SDLC, while implementing top-notch engineering and agile practices with focus on microservcies infrastructure, performance optimizations, security best practices, coding standards and guideline to ensure always delivring a 12factor quality product

Software Architecture

Experience from Management of non-functional requirements, to Architecture definition, to Tecnology Selection, to Architecture evaluation and Architecture collaboration,

Technical Leadership

Owning the bigger picture, Leading project from scratch with multidisciplinary teams, Coaching and Mentoring, Quality Assurance, Design, Development and Maintenence

Tools & Technologies

Web Development

PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Laravel, Symphony, Ruby


React, Vue, Node.JS, Angular, jQuery, MEAN Stack


MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL with MongoDB, SqlLite, Firebase, GraphQL

Version Control

Git, GitFlow, Subversion, Branching Strategies

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Jenkins, Trellis, Capistrano, Docker, Ansible, Bitbucket Pipelines, Bamboo, Gitlab Pipelines

Bug Tracking/Test Tools

Jira, Freedcamp, Trello, Asana, Redmine, Sentry, Rollbar

Testing And Test Case Management

TDD, BDD, Unit Testing, Performance, Load, Integration Testing.s Tools : jMeter, qTest, Selenium, PHP Unit, Jasemine, Mocha

UX/UI Tools and Principles

Photoshop, Balsamiq, InVision, Sketch, 80/20 rule, Responsiveness


Scrum, Kanban, XP, TDD, BDD


Amazon Cloud, Bamboo, Vagrant, Docker

Other Skills

Task Automation(Webpack, Gulp), SEO Principles, Content Management, Performance optimization


Lead Developer and Web Designer • 2014 — Present

Independent news agency as one of the few lights of free speech during the government media censure the past 10 years. Graphic Design of the website, re-branding of the website, logo design, site implementation from scratch, dozens of plugin developed, CMS Extension using WordPress as basic CMS. Created advanced built-in workflow for journalists and editor to collaborate inside. Multilingual, Optimized for Video, Built-in functions for customizing the website. Roles and capabilities for еditor, lector, author and publisher.Custom article statuses, formats and types to meet the news agency concept. Implemented a subscribe newsletter, Social Media built-in campaigns, Membership on free and payed articles, Inside analytics and trackers.

Web Developer • 2015 — Present

Follow the money web service (www.sledigiparite.mk) aims to familiarize citizens with the fiscal policies of local self-governments, through a simple and transparent presentation of their budgets, i.e. incomes and expenditures of the municipalities since 2008. The service contains information that would enable citizens to monitor the spending in their communities, in order to raise the awareness about the quality and quantity of the allocation of funds.

Technical Solutions Architect • 2013 — 2016

PortAlb.mk is operated by a team of professional journalists striving to overcome the lack of relevant e-content in Albanian language from Macedonia and abroad.The team is comprised by young, yet experienced journalists, who are aiming to offer a wider range of news, exceeding the linguistic and other barriers between the media spheres in the country and the region through objective reporting based on the application and promotion of professional standards.

Technical Solutions Architect • 2013 — 2016

USAID Strengthening Media in Macedonia Project – Media Fact-Checking Service Component implemented by Metamorphosis aims to empower Macedonian citizens to hold the media accountable, and to assist journalists in the implementation of their professional standards, by providing online tools and resources for public education and awareness raising. The purpose of the Media Fact-Checking Service Component is to increase the citizen demand for fact-based, objective and professional news and information.

Technical Solutions Architect • 2013 — 2016

This project aims to incite creation of local e-content in Macedonia, increasing the level of online production in the local languages and increasing the quality of the available content, especially when related to education and Open Access. It will use two-pronged approach of capacity building of potential and current content creators, as well as providing digital infrastructure for motivating such creation based on promotion of content in local languages and resulting user feedback.

Technical Solutions Architect • 2013 — 2016

With the assistance of a team of experts in the relevant areas, Vistinomer.mk analyzes the promises of political parties and presents them in an easy to read, aggregated form, along with systematic statistics. Each identified promise is assessed according to the degree of its fulfillment; fulfilled, partially fulfilled or unfulfilled. Promises considered to be illogical or stated in a way that does not allow the promises to be verified were deemed inconsistent.

Affiliate marketing platforms(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2017 — present

Taking care that the development process meets business goals.Facilitatating the team, works as a tech lead inside Symphony Solutions and as a Scrum Master in the project

Multisite for mindfulness, education and social media web application(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Developed new themes and plugins, created features including advanced social media geo-location search, parametric search, fully translatable site, multi-vendor e-commerce website, advanced media website, custom form plugins for registration and newslet ter, database merging, layout designs, performance optimization etc.

Law and business services web application(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Lead a team of 4 developers + Designer in extending existing paid theme functionalities and plugins. Headless CMS with drag and drop features extending modules from an existing plugin. Set up continuous deployment, in-hand quick technical support regarding bugs, close communication with the customer.

Niche targeted web-application for business startups in Asia(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Set up an easy and fast development workflow for my mentee, close communication with the customer to translate the business requirements into technical requirements, work on hand with the design team to meet the latest web design and development standards including customization, SEO and performance. Custom implementation of new plugins, hands on training for the copywriter, continuous delivery.

E-commerce Luxury Products and Services Chain of Websites(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Developed website from scratch, created every plugin from scratch, used WordPress as headless CMS. Translated the business requirements to meet the technical requirements, attention to details, fully customized, easy content and page editing, parametric search, custom sliders, advanced menu designs, pdf brochure generator on the fly, code-refactoring, minification, custom widgets. Followed agile methodologies and implemented linked system between products on all the sites.

Mass Media Digital Platform Services for External Customers(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Created the front-end part of the platform, including more than 60 designs in a time span of 4 days. Implemented an HTML templaing engine with Pug.js making the site more modular. Implemented the front-end using AngularJS(and HTML/CSS). In the meantime did code re-factoring and re-design of the website using task automation with Gulp.js with the help of already built templating engine. Implemented an easy collaborative debugg system with Browserify and Sentry.

Sports video and analytics platform(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Project set-up, proper configuration and installation, recruiting a team, bug fixing, helping other on some front-end and server issues. Implemented the front-end using Angular.

Hotel and Leisure platform(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

With a team of 3 devs created the website from scratch from desgin specifications. Implemented and easy workflow for the team, theme implementation using customer requirements for optimization and code-reuse, created dozens of custom plugins and widgets to meet the pixel perfect visually appealing website. Implemented custom page layouts for each specific hotel room or service and a booking system for rooms.

Car Rental Web Application(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Helped my team member on implementing the website to meet the deadline. Re-factoring of the code, layout design, front-end fixes, creating custom templates.

Carts website for the European market(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Mentored my team member on developing the website with focus on code quality, optimization, SEO and making it easy for the back-end developer, prioritizing tasks and implementation of more complex features.

Dutch customer service web application(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Developed the customer service dashboard from scratch, task automation,both back-end and front-end work. Small project with a team of 2 Developers

EU website for mapping and statistics(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Developed a custom plugin using Google Maps API and implementing the plugin into the CMS of the customer. Plugin included features like choosing the country, rich description, color-picking for each marker and map location, creating a chart, and table. Mentored my mentee on implementation, testing and careful deployment to production.

Internal food order website(NDA)

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Mentored my colleague on implementation of the back-end part of the website, task prioritization, task translation into small parts, help on implementation. Re-definition of the back-end database implementation and level of normalization.

Telecommunication website(NDA)

Project Manager/Business Analyst • 2016 — 2018

Communicated with the customer to understand the business requirements and then translate them as technical requirements for the team member. Explained the team member on how to implement the custom payment plugin for the platform. Set up a boilerplate and a guide on how to implement it, code reviews.

Re-design, re-branding, developing a new corporate company website

Engineering Team & Tech Lead • 2016 — 2018

Work closely with team members on how to implement the design and the partial site that has been sent by other development team. Prioritized task, worked on implementation on the back-end and front-end. Setting up the website, code review. Implementation of more complicated features.


South East European University Macedonia

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science • 2003 — 2007

Mentoring, assiting on IT classes for non-technical people

Honor & Awards

Product Management Foundations

Product Institute • 2020

Product Managment certification from Product Institute. Product Vision, Strategy and Roadmap. Right Goals and Metrics, User Centric, Customer Research, Finding the best product market fit.

SAFe 4 Certified Practitioner

Scaled Agile, Inc. • 2018, 2019

A Certified SAFe 4 Practitioner (SP) is a SAFe team member professional responsible for using Scrum, Kanban, and XP in a SAFe environment. Key areas of responsibility include planning Program Increments and iterations, breaking requirements into stories, developing incrementally with built-in quality, demoing value at a team and program level, and problem solving impediments to drive relentless improvement.

Top Motivator Award

Symphony Solutions • 2018

Voted by colleagues as Top Motivator for ability to motivate, mentor, coach teams and individuals

Top Interviewer Award

Symphony Solutions • 2017

Top Interviewer for interviewing more than 200 candidates, preparing the process, technical evaluations


English, Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian, German, Turkish,

Outside Interests

  • Technology, Gadgets, AI, Deep Learning
  • Political, conspiracy, leadership books
  • Basketball, thrills, cliff diving